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Posted in Instant Writing Group on September 24, 2008 by Rose Archer

I’m working on a scene and I was trying to decide between using the word “nonetheless” and “nevertheless”.

From “Two Watch Over Me”:
Caleb said, “That’s why. Run.” He let go of her hand and she felt like she was being set adrift.

Nevertheless, she pulled herself together and did as she was told. She took off toward the ocean, which she could see between the trees and the few buildings as she ran.

So I went and asked Noah (Noah Webster/the Merriam-Webster site).

Noah told me that the word “nevertheless” means “in spite of that; however”. It is from the 14th century.

The definition of “nonetheless” is given as “nevertheless” and dates from 1847.

There’s a 500 year difference between these two words. Who would have thought? But now that I’m looking at it, again, I’m starting to think I should change it to, “In spite of that….” That would be clearer. Hmm.